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Our job is to create an impact with your target market. In addition to having a smart brand strategy, you need to engage, entice and excite.

At Carlson, we’re committed to helping our clients navigate the complex digital marketplace. We can help you create a powerful presence, digitally and beyond, that will stand out and position you apart from your competition.

Featured Marketing Services

Web Design

Does your website work as hard as you do? Well it should and we can make sure that it will. Our extensive experience in websites that feature responsive design, combined with SEO (search engine optimization) and messaging that creates an “individual voice” for your company or community, all come together to enhance your online presence and attract future customers.

Social Media Marketing

We’ll work with you to ensure that your social media strategy and execution of that plan is achieving the results you need as part of your overall marketing program.

Online Advertising

Want to “jump start” your online presence in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our digital marketing experts will develop a campaign strategy to meet your sales goals and budgets.


How do you want people to feel about your company? What do you want them to think or say about it? Uncovering the inherent essence of your company or community is at the core of our branding process. Creating an identity that defines the uniqueness of your business is imperative. Our unrivalled branding expertise will help to make your company unforgettable.

Print Advertising

A cool look and a clever headline—sure, anyone can do that. At Carlson, we go beyond the expected and break through the clutter by starting with a single-minded message that’s so powerful people will have no choice but to sit up and pay attention.

Direct Mail Marketing

Targeted messages sent directly to your target market. That is direct mail marketing at its best and that is exactly our approach. Engaging and fun, exciting and intriguing, we understand precisely how to reach your potential customers so that they will reach back.

Graphic Design

Beautiful and smart – that is what our graphic design philosophy is all about. Creating the perfect piece involves more than selecting pretty colors and nice photography. To us, it’s really about marketing strategy and creating a look and feel that your customers will be drawn to.

Marketing Videos

The power of creating emotional videos that engage the viewer is a strong component of many clients’ marketing strategies. Our creative team can produce videos that are compelling and will engage website visitors.

Public Relations

We advise and assist our clients in developing a well-planned public relations campaign that consists of a series of overlapping or reinforcing media messages and events, not a series of knee-jerk responses to outside forces dictating the manner in which your business, product or service is perceived.

Broadcast Advertising

From clever radio and television spots to heartwarming online videos, we have a talented production team that can do it all. No need to hire separate companies– we’ll write the script, hire the talent, shoot the footage and edit it all together to create the perfect spot or video for your company.


Rich Carlson is always happy to offer strategic advice and assistance based on his 40 years of marketing experience. Over the years, Rich has created an award-winning niche within the real estate development and the senior housing market that can help to ensure your success.

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