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From clever radio and television spots to heartwarming online videos, we have a talented production team that can do it all. No need to hire separate companies– we’ll write the script, hire the talent, shoot the footage and edit it all together to create the perfect spot or video for your company.

The Power of Broadcasting

Radio advertising, and TV advertising even more so because it is such a visual medium, have the power to create emotional and engaging messages for your prospective customer. The key is to be sure you clearly identify the main message you want to incorporate in your 60-second radio ad or 30-second TV ad (unless you are advertising pharmaceuticals in which case your length might be up to 120 seconds, the majority of the convent is often disclaimers by the manufacturer!).

As with most advertising and marketing, be sure you select the station(s) / networks that will be most cost effective in reaching your target audience. Once you have selected the right media mix, determine if it would be more effective for you to use a well-known media personality from the station to promote your product or service. The credibility of just the right personality can greatly enhance the results from your advertising buy if done correctly.

Create Emotionally Engaging Messages

To maximize your broadcast advertising investment (I use that word deliberately because TV media can be expensive), consider other applications of working with media personalities such as special appearances at events, supporting special non-profit causes your company might support, etc.

Remember that TV advertising needs to be visually and emotionally engaging for the viewer.  It is a visual medium. And whether you’re promoting an active adult lifestyle community with an array of amenities or the new Lincoln Continental driven by Matthew McConaughey, people like to be entertained.  Focus on the benefits of your product or service, not the features.  People like to visualize themselves sitting poolside at a resort or enjoying a glass of fine wine with their Millennial friends on the roof terrace of a chic urban condominium high-rise in downtown Seattle.  It’s the feeling you get from seeing the TV ad or hearing the radio commercial that can make all the difference.

Track the results of your investment!

Tracking the results of any marketing medium should be automatic, but nowhere is it more important than broadcast advertising. Assuming you have selected the right media mix and have a message that will resonate with your target audience, you should see almost immediate results through your website analytics. Depending on the nature of your message, the timing of any “call to action” or time frame for any special promotions you might be publicizing, visits to your website could increase immediately.

Boston Biomedical Associates has been partnering with Carlson Communications for the past seven years for all of our marketing, web design and advertising efforts.  The Carlson team has been outstanding in providing contemporary designs tailored to our needs and attractive to our clients.  The results have been dramatic and our business development efforts have been greatly enhanced.  Carlson Communications has our highest recommendation.

— Mack Rubley, Vice President, Boston Biomedical Associates

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