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A well-produced video has the power to make an emotional connection with a viewer that photos and words cannot match.

With the technological advances in recent years. cell phones can download and play videos that make this medium one of the most powerful marketing tools available.  And the resolution and sound quality can capture details unimaginable just a few years ago.

But like any marketing tool, the quality of production is only consideration.  Following some key steps will make all the difference in the effectiveness of your video:


To get the best possible ROI on your video, it’s important to have a well conceived plan that will answer the following questions:

  • What is your objective for producing the video?
  • Who are your intended audiences – primary and secondary? Age, education, etc.?
  • How many different applications are there for your video; On your website? Email blasts? Within a blog or other social media applications?

Creating Emotionally Engaging Messages

Whether you’re marketing lifestyle, resort or senior housing to active adults or baby boomers, your promoting a lifestyle rather than a need-based form of senior housing such as assisted living or memory care. In both cases, you need to appeal to your viewer with an emotionally-charged message on why they should make a decision to visit your community. The more sincere and lively the video, the more likely the viewer will come for a visit to your community.

If you’re a commercial broker or a biotech company, viewers are more apt to watch a video testimonial on why the viewer should work with you than reading paragraphs of copy and looking at a head and shoulders photo of a business person at his or her desk.

Make Your Video Come Alive

The drone frenzy has given people an entirely new perspective – literally – on the world we live in.  If you’re promoting a residential or commercial property of any significant size, an “aerial tour” of the campus or community can be very effective to enhance someone’s interest in your property. Adding some graphics to the aerial shoot can help the viewer identify key points of interest.

If you’re talking about lifestyle, show your viewers the fun they will have living in your community and the surrounding area.  Then, once you’ve put the videos on your website, track the “most viewed pages” and “average viewing time” on your Google Analytics and enjoy the fruits of your investment!

Marketing Videos – A Worthwhile Investment

While the cost of producing a professional video can seem expensive initially, when you consider there is no printing costs or postage as there is in direct mail or collateral material, the price of a well-produced video can make the investment worthwhile.

Plus, when it’s time to add another segment to your video, there’s not the added expensive of “reprinting” as there is with brochures.  And if emotionally engaging videos are well done, they can accelerate your prospective buyers’ decision to buy much faster, thereby reducing other marketing or media costs you might have spent over many months to get those prospects to make a decision to buy.

Boston Biomedical Associates has been partnering with Carlson Communications for the past seven years for all of our marketing, web design and advertising efforts.  The Carlson team has been outstanding in providing contemporary designs tailored to our needs and attractive to our clients.  The results have been dramatic and our business development efforts have been greatly enhanced.  Carlson Communications has our highest recommendation.

— Mack Rubley, Vice President, Boston Biomedical Associates

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