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Business is all about forming and maintaining relationships and nowhere is that more important than public relations.  In today’s media frenetic world, with tens of thousands of images bombarding us every day, it takes a well planned and executed marketing campaign to break through the clutter and leave a memorable impression on your prospective buyers and clients.


We advise and assist our clients in developing a well-planned public relations campaign that consists of a series of overlapping or reinforcing media messages and events, not a series of knee-jerk responses to outside forces dictating the manner in which your business, product or service is perceived.  You want a planned, not a “canned” program.

Among the things to consider in the planning stage:

  • What are your goals; create awareness, build a brand, achieve a certain sales level within a specified time frame?
  • How will public relations activities (see details below) help you achieve your objectives?
  • How can you capitalize on upcoming events to maximize the ROI in your public relations program?  For example, holidays, seasons, social or business events, trade shows, conferences, etc. that will help your target market increase their awareness of you?

Executing the Plan

As mentioned earlier, try to capitalize on existing or upcoming events, publications’ special editions, non-profit causes, etc. to ensure the broadest possible exposure for you.

Media Feature Stories:  Getting “your story” included in the right publication or broadcast program can provide significant exposure to your target audience(s).  Always try to mention you business website so people can learn more about your business or organization.  Once you’re quoted in an article or interviewed on a radio or TV program, get that link or online story on your website in your “In the News” section.  Then, use social media to let people know about the story or interview and have them “Like” or “Share” it with their contacts, be they business or personal. A strong social media network can increase people’s awareness of you and your company, product or service.

Special Events and Trade Shows: Whether you’re a speaker, sponsor and/or exhibitor at a trade show, these can be an excellent source of exposure for you and your company.  Again, the key is maximizing your involvement in the event by spreading the word to your database via emails, blogs, posts to Facebook and LinkedIn, etc. And be sure to include photos of your exhibit, your speaking to an audience or a poster recognizing your company as the sponsor of a cocktail hour, for example.  Next to videos, photos are what people love to look at on websites since they are such a visual medium.

Non-profit Causes: Whether your target market is baby boomers, Gen X’s or Millennials, supporting non-profit organizations and causes can be another effective way to “connect” to your audience. Such support is often more time consuming than expensive, but if you support the write cause, it can speak volumes about the company and personal values you deem important.  Consider both the short- and long-term benefits of supporting a cause or organization; is it a one-time event or an organization with a well-run marketing team that will help you get the exposure and potential media coverage to make both the time and the financial investment worthwhile.

For your free website consultation and digital marketing review, contact us so we can work together and help you achieve your marketing and sales goals!

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Boston Biomedical Associates has been partnering with Carlson Communications for the past seven years for all of our marketing, web design and advertising efforts.  The Carlson team has been outstanding in providing contemporary designs tailored to our needs and attractive to our clients.  The results have been dramatic and our business development efforts have been greatly enhanced.  Carlson Communications has our highest recommendation.

— Mack Rubley, Vice President, Boston Biomedical Associates

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