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Why Your Business Website is Vital

Does your website work as hard as you do? It should—and we can make sure that it will. Our extensive experience in web development features responsive design, SEO (search engine optimization), and customized messaging that helps to create an effective brand identity and a personal voice for your company or community. We drive online content to further enhance your digital footprint and attract future customers.

For your free website consultation and digital marketing review, contact us so we can work together and help you achieve your marketing and sales goals!

Strategic Digital Marketing

Internet marketing and web design are integral parts of any digital marketing strategy. In fact, they are the essential starting point for strategic marketing campaigns. That’s why your web content must be engaging and optimized.

The ultimate goal of tactical digital marketing is your “call to action (CTA).” This is a prompt for users to take a desired action whether that’s making an appointment, requesting more information, or ordering a product/service online.

Industry-Specific Content

Many of our projects are designed around lifestyle marketing. Deciding to move to an active adult community or independent living community, for example, is a lifestyle decision.  It is not “need based” like assisted living or memory care communities.  The decision to move to one of the latter senior communities is usually based on health issues or other life changing events that require a person to take action and make a quick decision. Moving to a lifestyle community like Southport in Mashpee or a Del Webb community by Pulte Homes is more of a casual decision based on wants, rather than needs.

While websites for professional services like accountants, attorneys, or custom remodeling companies might not require the same level of emotional marketing as a baby boomer lifestyle community, these professional sites must also have an individual brand identity and voice. Customized messages in professional service websites still need to be convincing so the viewer can relate to the brand and services being promoted.

Video Marketing

Professionally produced video testimonials will resonate with your target buyer, and can be very effective in prompting the user to take a specific action.  Studies have shown that online users are 10 times more likely to watch a one or two-minute video testimonial rather than read paragraphs of “testimonial copy” accompanied by a photo.


If your website is properly programmed to track pages using software like Google Analytics, you can easily determine which testimonials are receiving the most views and the length of time viewers are spending on these pages. Analytics and enriched metrics will help to further guide your digital marketing efforts to success.

At Carlson Communications, we believe some of the most critical activity on your website occurs after the launch.  Whether you initially invest $7,500 or $17,500 in your website, if you don’t use responsive design (visible on any size device) and program it for maximum visibility, your ROI will suffer.

Let Us Help Improve Your Business Website

We firmly believe that our value to our clients extends far beyond the design and launching of a website.  It’s the monthly monitoring of what’s working best and using that information to improve and design a comprehensive and cost effective integrated marketing campaign.

Your website and marketing isn’t something you set up and walk away from just hoping it works. In order to get the best results and ROI for your company website, you need to continually optimize and improve as time goes on. You can no longer just redesign a website and ignore it for three years until you decide to redesign it again. It will quickly become outdated and you won’t get the results you are trying to achieve.

For your free website consultation and digital marketing review, contact us so we can work together and help you achieve your marketing and sales goals!

The Carlson Communications Team not only partnered with us, but dedicated time and resources as if we were their most important client. They were relentless in their pursuit of perfecting every detail in our new website and ad campaign to reflect a distinctive and engaging story.

— Allison Iantosca, owner and president, F.H. Perry Builder

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