Marketing Objective

Bainum Healthcare created their first community, Fairfax Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in 1964. In 2001, they developed the first of two more communities, The Gardens at Fair Oaks, an assisted living community that offered the same level of compassionate care for which Fairfax Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has become known. Then, in 2008, the Bainum family opened The Woodlands, an upscale independent living community adjoining The Gardens on 17 acres in Fairfax, VA.

Realizing that they should develop a more unified brand while retaining each community’s unique characteristics and range of services, the Bainum’s hired Carlson Communications to create a more enhanced, cohesive brand for their websites which would become the focal point of their marketing campaigns in all three communities.

Creative Solution

We created three different community websites that all belong to one brand. Each of these communities would use video in order to grab a user’s attention and create an emotional and engaging experience when they visit the website. This would help create the desire to want to learn more about each community and how it could fit their needs.


Community Branding

Bainum needed three separate websites for each of their communities but wanted them to all have a similar look and feel. The goal was to have similar layouts but change the logos, accent colors, and content to go with each of the three community’s brand.

The end result was three separate websites that had similar organization and a similar look, but the content was targeted towards that community’s audience. Each of these three websites links back to each other for ease of access whether the user is looking for independent living, assisted living, or memory care. While switching from site to site you can tell they are part of the same family.

Home Page

We used video right on the home page to “introduce” visitors to each community and give a brief overview of what it had to offer. This immediately created an engaging experience and connected with the user to help entice them to want to learn more about the community.


All of their communities have bronze statues scattered throughout the premises. We incorporated these statues into the website to help link the online presence and experience with the one you have when you are actually on their property. We built these statues into the footer section of each of their sites and used the accent color to distinguish between the communities.


Videos were produced for each community to provide an in-depth look at the services, staffing and amenities in each community. Interviews with key Bainum family members and key staff help to convey the compassionate caring environment for which Bainum communities have become so well known.

The videos are consistently among the most viewed pages on each website with calls to action on these pages encouraging viewers to contact the community for more information.

The Woodlands Full Video

The Gardens Full Video

Fairfax Nursing Center Full Video

Campaign Results

The three websites, while having similarities in terms of the way the content is presented and the way a viewer navigates each website, retain unique looks with distinctive yet complimentary color treatments for each website. All three websites use professional photography that reflects the high quality of each community’s facilities and grounds.

The new websites and emotionally engaging videos have created significant interest in each community so each is either at, or near, full occupancy. Using an intro video on the home page helped increase the average time spent on this page to over 2 minutes and decrease the bounce rate by drawing in more users to learn more.

The Bainum Communities decided to revamp their websites so all three communities had a more unified look to enhance the company’s brand and reputation as a caring and compassionate community. While this could have been a difficult process, the team at Carlson Communications was very organized and led us through the process easily. The service they provided in both the development of our websites and accompanying videos of each community was exceptional. That responsiveness to our questions and requests for updates continues to this day and all the while they have provided exceptional customer service. Not only are they knowledgeable in their work but they also offered suggestions and creative ideas adding pages and features to our websites that have resulted in higher occupancy in each community.

— Ellen Limburg, Director of Marketing, Bainum Communities

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