Marketing Campaign Objective

After working closely with Roseann Sdoia for more than 10 years on marketing multiple projects with her when she was Vice President of Residential Properties at National Development, we had the opportunity to design and develop her website when she launched a motivational and professional speaking business after losing her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

Roseann’s story was so unique and personal, we knew it would be important to capture the emotion not only of those early days after the Boston Marathon, but as importantly, the months of recovery and her exceptional attitude and determination that captured the hearts and minds of so many people.  It was this encouragement to “share her story” that convinced Roseann to launch her new business as a motivational and professional speaker.

Creative Marketing Solution

We created an attention grabbing color palette for Roseann’s new website using the bold colors of her RO Strong logo, which played off of the vibrant yellow and blue of the Boston Strong logo.

Roseann Sdoia is very photogenic and this is an extremely emotional story so we used a lot of lifestyle photography of Roseann to create an engaging experience and connect with the user. The more a user felt connected to Roseann and her story, the more likely they would be to hire her for a speaking engagement.

Marketing Website

Website Design

The home page uses large full width photos that rotate continuously to help grab the user’s attention and quickly tell Roseann’s story and pull them into the rest of the site. The vibrant color scheme and bold typography throughout the site help create hierarchy and draw attention to the appropriate places on each page.

Information Architecture

It was very important that the user experience and organization (IA) of this site was very seamless so that the user could focus on the story and connecting with Roseann.

Responsive Design

We knew that her audience would vary greatly and could be someone on a desktop computer at work to a tablet or phone after seeing a story about her on the news or Facebook. Because of this, responsive design was a high priority and fine tuned to help ensure that the experience would be good for the viewer regardless of the device.

We created photo galleries and video galleries laid out in a grid that could easily adapt to screen sizes so that they were easy to navigate as well as view on any device, regardless of its size.

We also added a blog so Roseann could post updates to connect her with visitors as her public speaking business expanded.  This will provide ways for her to sort blogs by topics depending on the subject or type of organization requesting her to speak (e.g. schools and universities, private companies, non-profit associations, etc.

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Marketing Campaign Results

Roseann’s website, including her videos, has become her primary marketing tool to help her promote her motivational speaking business.  Future videos of her speaking engagements will continue to help her connect with a variety of new clients, providing the emotional connection that is vital in the motivational and professional speaking business.

During my professional career at a leading real estate development company in Massachusetts I had the pleasure of working with Carlson Communications; more specifically Rich Carlson and Justin DiMucci. After a life altering situation, Rich reached out to assist with getting my new profession as a motivational speaker off the ground. He and his company created an eye catching website that showcases what I went through and how I made the transition from property management to sharing my story. Over the past few years I have received numerous compliments from different organizations who have come across it. It is clean, creative and easy to navigate. They knew the message I wanted to express with the coloring, photos and story. Additionally, they are extremely professional and take pride in their work making sure that their clients are satisfied with the end result.

— Roseann Sdoia, RO Strong

Roseann Sdoia
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