Marketing Objective

Boston Biomedical Associates needed a new modern website that set them apart from their competition. They wanted a modern look that was easy to navigate so users could find what they were looking for, whether it was an informative white paper, a video explaining why they should work with BBA, or a testimonial from a satisfied client. This site needed to be mobile friendly so that no matter what device someone was viewing the site on it would be an enjoyable experience.

Creative Marketing Solution

We created a modern and user friendly website that helped enhance BBA’s brand. We built the site on WordPress to integrate a continually growing library of quality content with fact sheets, news & events, press releases, videos and white papers.

We organized the navigation into two clear paths that their perspective clients would fall into so the next steps were obvious for the user, creating a friendly user experience. We also used responsive design to make sure that all the site content would adapt to the device the visitor was using, whether it was a desktop, tablet or phone.

Website Design

Home Page

The rowing theme using dramatic color photography of rowers in eight-person shells as well as singles, provided a memorable design to the new website and also served as a metaphor for three key principles upon which BBA is based:

  1. Team work
  2. Personalized attention to detail.
  3. Precision and Endurance.

Each of these qualities is critical in a crew race and in the type of work BBA provides for its clients in the highly competitive biomedical industry.

These large calls to action on the initial view helped draw users into the important parts of the site and greatly decreased the bounce rate while setting the tone of the website.


We re-built the information architecture of their site to create a clear path for a potential client to find out more about BBA’s services. Their clients either fall into the Medical Devices & IVD category or Pharma & Biotech so their next steps of finding which pages will have the information they’re looking for are clear, creating a successful user experience.


We created a library of multiple post types of fact sheets, news & events, press releases, videos and white papers that we color coded and created filters for ease of navigation. This database is continually added to in order to provide quality content from their industry driving traffic and increasing exposure of their brand and improving their overall content marketing plan.


Conference Display

Part of BBA’s marketing strategy was to attend and participate in key conferences around the United States, in some cases serving as a Conference Sponsor. Both floor and table top displays were created using dramatic rowing photos to help the displays stand apart from more routine displays.


Pocket Folder & Inserts

To provide a comprehensive look for the BBA brand collateral materials were created using some of the same rowing and biomedical photography used on the website. Some materials were created for those most interested in med device while others focused on pharmaceuticals.

An online version of these materials were developed for those website visitors who preferred to download them as PDFs, thereby saving the client time and money.

Slim Jim

In many cases, especially at conferences, rather than providing an expensive brochure with inserts, we created a “slim jim” brochure folder that summarized the key features and benefits of BBA’s services. It could also be mailed to prospective clients although it was more likely that an electronic version of this material could be emailed to someone.

Marketing Campaign Results

The results of this enhanced branding campaign which focused on why clients hire BBA and what makes them unique or more effective than their competition rather than just describing their services has produced excellent results.  More people are visiting their website, viewing multiple pages and taking the time to read white papers and related blogs.  These results are confirmed through careful review and analysis of Google Analytics statistics.

Email blasts to prospective and current clients have been widely read.

Most importantly, the company’s sales have exceeded expectations and the website is producing valuable sales leads each month.

Boston Biomedical Associates has been partnering with Carlson Communications for the past seven years for all of our marketing, web design and advertising efforts.  The Carlson team has been outstanding in providing contemporary designs tailored to our needs and attractive to our clients.  The results have been dramatic and our business development efforts have been greatly enhanced.  Carlson Communications has our highest recommendation.

— Mack Rubley, Vice President, Boston Biomedical Associates

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